With over 50 years of history, SidreriaMendizabal (Mendizabal Cider House) has become a unique place where one can enjoy new experiences.

SidreriaMendizabal, without losing sight of its Basque origins and essence, has adapted to the times. In our facilities, you will see with your very own eyes, all of the historical elements of the original 20th century architecture.


Our cider house is located 15 minutes away from San Sebastian in the cider capital itself, Astigarraga. As such, we promote traditional Basque cuisine.

We are introducing a new concept of cider house; tradition comes together with the avant-garde in order to create an upscale ambience where the industrial-designed Kupelas are the stars of the place.


Local, quality produce is the foundation of our menu which changes with the seasons. We strive to select top quality, in-season products and as such, are responsible consumers. We select the best vegetables, fish, and meats in order to offer our clients a varied selection of quality cuisine.

In our restaurant you can taste and enjoy various dishes, but out of all of them, our grilled products stand out. You can also enjoy the traditional Basque landscape from our terraces.


In an upscale, natural setting, you and all your family and friends can enjoy the comforts of a private dining room. This dining room can seat 25 people and has its own terrace, bar service and personalized attention.


Just a 15 minute drive away from Donostia-San Sebastian, SidreriaMendizabal is a unique location for celebrations.

Our integral renovation of the old caserio (Spanish country house) has turned the SidreriaMendizabal into a state-of-the-art space. Located in the heart of Astigarraga, you can provide full accommodations to your guests while they enjoy the true essence of the traditional, Basque atmosphere.

SidreriaMendizabal can adapt its facilities to meet your needs by offering different possibilities for your events. The versatility of our rooms provides an exceptional experience for all occasions.

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